Earlier this week we met Liz, a hotline counselor. Today we talk to digital marketing specialist, Catherine, who has been with Childhelp for a year and a half. She found the organization online and was in tears as she looked at the stats about child abuse. She kept thinking that many of these children were the same age as her granddaughter.

The Heart Part: Meet Liz

Sep 6th, 2017

This month, we pause to appreciate the loyalty, humility and compassion that our team shares; because we know that the hard part would never get done if it weren’t for the “heart part.”

Sandra's Story

Jun 22nd, 2017

The impact of prevention education is far reaching and life changing. For Sandra, a student of Speak Up Be Safe’s forerunner program, that impact not only helped stop ongoing sexual abuse by her father, but provided an early understanding that what was happening was not her fault, and help was available to her.

In 1924, Calvin Coolidge — renowned as a president of few words — exhorted Americans to celebrate Father’s Day to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the measure of their obligations.”

It has been 30 years since Childhelp first started a residential program in Orange County, and while we have changed addresses as we grew, the Orange County program is stronger than ever. The three current homes in Costa Mesa are located within a mile of each other, and each can house up to six children or youth in need of 24-hour a day therapeutic supervision and intensive treatment, but who are still able to participate in community activities.